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Have a pressing dating or relationship concern? Call the Coach. Throw me your toughest question and if you like my approach, we’ll discuss working together. No pressure or salesy b.s… just real answers.  

And you may ask yourself...

Yes–it’s totally free and legit. By providing spot-on, in-depth analysis of what’s going on in your dating life or relationship, I gain trust and turn potential clients into actual clients. It’s just good business. There is no catch. You will gain invaluable input and guidance in our complimentary session alone; if you decide that my expertise and input would further serve your goals, we can talk about working together to help you realize the long-term relationship and dating success you’re seeking.

Let’s face it, we’re way too close to our particular quirks, qualities and challenges to learn from and embrace them at all times. In our coaching sessions, I will help you identify and own the key facets of your personality, essential character and unique bonding style that make you who you are…why you’re right for this type of person, but perhaps wrong for that certain type you often find yourself pursuing. 

Together we’ll identify the elements that are best to keep fluid and flexible and those key moral, behavioral or belief bedrocks that must remain immovable lines in the sand. Gaining greater insight into our own character and behavioral modes will save you from the danger of the “What I would do if it were me” perspective and embrace the deeper, more meaningful “What I would do if I were them” mentality. Don’t just put yourself in someone else’s shoes, try to understand what walking around in those shoes feels like, what growing up in them and wearing them through this particular day might have been like. And when your loved one can walk all those episodes and miles in your shoes in return, well you’ve got a keeper. 

Our coaching will uncover your potential, challenge your perspective, increase your confidence and help you realize that your comfort zone can be your worst enemy when it deprives you of the challenges, appropriate risks and new opportunities necessary to create a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Sometimes we must face the hard fact that we’re pretty darn comfortable feeling undervalued, unappreciated, stressed, crappy or hopeless. Getting you out of that “comfort” and embracing the discomfort of life-altering change is my specialty. 

Dating can be hell. I’ll help you regain your confidence, enable you to put your dating horror stories into perspective and reignite your faith in the process. And make no mistake, to date effectively you must treat dating as a process. There are three major elements to dating effectively: 

1. Image: We create your message and brand: I’ll help you determine the most important elements and core values to convey that will attract the right person for you. We will also include strategic messaging that repels those you’re not attracted to…saving your precious time and preserving your emotional energy. Effective personal messaging applies equally in casual conversation and your online profile. 

2. Administration. This element is crucial because by treating the administrative portion of dating like the job it really is we do a few important things… we become more efficient at turning down poor prospects, we hone our ability to attract strong prospects and we depersonalize the search mode to the point where we clock in, put in our time and clock out. Successful dating is a numbers game and to increase our odds of landing the ideal partner, we must become incredibly efficient and a bit bulletproof. 

3. Biology. You must respect and occasionally override your chemistry set. How in the heck do we control or account for chemistry? For starters, we vastly improve your chances of finding your chemistry match by completing steps one and two above, getting you out on more dates with higher prospects who identify strongly with your personal brand and core values. Respecting our chemistry set sometimes means ignoring or sublimating it… because chemistry can create really strong feelings for someone who we know deep down would be truly toxic…we’ve met this person before. We’ll do a few mindfulness exercises to make sure you both embrace your chemistry while also engaging your executive brain function to override certain signals that you’ve identified as leading to unhealthy patterns and poor choices.

Yes. I will listen closely and help you identify your greatest challenges and fears…as you see them. No single other person sees or experiences your world quite the way you do – which is why all my coaching is fully customized to my client’s individual strengths, fears, concerns and needs. 

We will work together to come up with exercises and techniques that uphold your values while increasing your self-awareness of your dating patterns. We’ll find out which ones serve you and which ones don’t.

Dating can be draining, discouraging and downright awful…I’ll help you beef up your confidence and maintain your sense of humor while you stay true to who you are and land the person who will accept and understand you fully. 

Additionally I bring my ad agency-level copywriting skills to bear, providing peerless dating profile advice and edits that not only help communicate who you are and who you’re looking for, but of equal importance, help repel those you’re looking to avoid like the plague.

Whether you’re desperately trying to salvage your current relationship or find yourself feeling powerless because your loved one has either left or is close to leaving you, I can help in a number of ways. 

We will take a deep dive into all the communication and behavioral dynamics affecting your current or most recent relationship, and determine where the fundamental crack began, how it progressed, which triggers and reactions exacerbated it (on both sides) and what you can do within your power to repair the damage… or gain the key insight necessary to prevent a repeat occurrence in the future. 

I will help you gauge your partner’s willingness and ability to travel a new path with you, participate in the mending process and engage with you in the substantive self-reflection and mindfulness necessary to realize a more vital and agile bond capable of flexing to accommodate the myriad of stresses affecting the most woke and enlightened couples among us.

The best way to strengthen our relationship with our loved one starts by improving our relationship with ourselves. When we truly hold ourselves accountable, treat ourselves with dignity, respect and love, we invite our loved ones to do the same. Should we be in a relationship with someone incapable of reciprocating these key tenets or should this truth sometimes fail to salvage our current relationship, its wisdom, when fully embraced, will still set us up for greater success in our next relationship. 

Should a return to dating become a desirable option, you will gain key insight into the early indicators revealing how your current crush is either relationship material, or best relegated to the casual hookup or never again file. I will help you gain your dating confidence and maintain your positivity despite all the crap and FaceTime-morphed nutjobs you’ll inevitably go through before meeting some top contenders and finally finding the one. 

What they're saying...

My husband and I had been struggling for over a year. Frank helped me communicate my needs more often and more effectively. He also got me to see myself from my husband's perspective and helped me get my husband to see my perspective better. Those few things helped tremendously. But there were many other tools he gave us to deescalate and reconsider. I recommend him to anyone seeking to better themselves and their relationship.
Roselyn S.
Frank is my wingman. Some of the stuff he had me do seemed crazy but what can I say crazy worked. I got way better dates in just a couple weeks. He really got behind me and made me keep going. The best thing I can say is he found out what didn't work and kept grinding with me til I found what did for me.
Donald P.
I gave up on dating. I just couldn't see the point. Frank showed me my resignation was showing up all over my profile and leading to guys that wanted a resigned woman. He tried alot of methods, but the one that helped me was "fake it til you make it." He literally made me fake positivity and hope into my profile and on the dates and the turnaround was unbelievable. I'm no longer faking. I've been dating a great guy for over 6 months now.
Jennifer M.
Frank Bogues -- CEO and Founder of Gotham Life Coach
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