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A good resume simply isn’t good enough. A Gotham resume will put you in the interviews that matter, remind you just how damn spectacular you are, pose better interview questions, spur better answers and literally edge you toward the higher end of an HR department’s salary bracket.

Frank Bogues -- CEO and Founder of Gotham Life Coach -- NYC's premier coach and copywriter

If you’d like to get to know the coach himself before submitting your resume, text or call Coach Frank at 646-340-3303. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

We take your privacy very, very seriously. We will never share or sell your data or contact you with irrelevant b.s. 

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Have a pressing resume or career concern? Text or call the Coach. Throw me your toughest question and if you like my approach, we'll discuss working together. No pressure or salesy b.s... just real answers. 

And you may ask yourself...

Yes–it’s totally free and legit. By providing spot-on, in-depth analysis, I gain trust and turn potential clients into actual clients. It’s just good business. There is no catch. You can certainly take my advice and expertise and improve your document, or you can place your trust in me and have the most competitive resume on the market given your experience, character and unique talents. This is a no pressure, service-oriented review…given my track record, I have no desire or need to push my clients into anything. 

I write peerless resumes for C-level to entry-level candidates in every industry including finance, sales, corporate, tech (IT & software engineering), construction, education, administration, science, medicine, law, counseling, social work, volunteers, stay-at-home dads and moms, artists, designers, writers and service industry employees…to name but a few. 

Yes. Every resume includes an introductory career coaching element geared toward addressing your most pressing concerns and teaching you how to put your new resume to effective use.

In our interview session, I will get to the key facets of your personality, essential character and unique skill sets that separate you from your fiercest competition. I bring my ad agency-level copywriting skills to bear, providing peerless content that brands you into your new position.

You can expect more interviews for the jobs that really matter to you. Your new resume will prompt better interview questions and literally give you an opportunity to edge your salary toward the higher end of an HR department’s designated salary bracket for any given opportunity.

Payment is due at the end of our in-depth resume interview, once I’ve gained your trust and you have a much deeper insight into my abilities. If I don’t win your confidence in our conversation, then we’re out an hour or two of our time. That won’t happen; I never fail to win my clients’ confidence. I accept all major credit cards.

The average turnaround time is one week from our initial in-depth interview session. Rush service is available.

What they're saying...

I got more interviews with better companies not long after uploading my new resume. Frank hit it out of the park. He really got inside my head and pulled all the stuff I had trouble conveying out. Best money I ever spent. I can't recommend his service enough.
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Kenneth Seung
As soon as I spoke to Frank I knew he was legit. He spotted some issues I'd always had trouble with right away and told me what he'd do to address them. He made me look so good on my resume that I felt way more confident in the interviews I started to get. Frank kept it real, giving me solid advice on how to use the resume once it was in my hands.
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Laverne Davis
When I spoke to Frank for my consult he told me he was a resume genius. I laughed a bit but after a few minutes on the phone and especially after seeing my new resume, I became a believer. As a C-level executive I wanted a game-changer resume. That's exactly what Frank delivered. Take the time to talk to him about what's going on with your resume and job search and he'll provide immediate and impactful feedback. He's an awesome career coach and truly a resume genius.
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Robert Chandler
Frank Bogues -- CEO and Founder of Gotham Life Coach
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