Gotham Life Coach

Welcome to Gotham Life Coach. My name is Frank Bogues, and as you’ll soon realize, I’m a different kind of coach. No matter where you’re at right now, whether you’re looking for real confidence, solid motivation, personal accountability, greater financial freedom, proven tools to overcome obstacles and procrastination, science-based routines to override bad habits and create new ones, a system that turns physical fitness into a permanent trait rather than a temporary phase, or the keys to a more rewarding relationship (with yourself or someone equally awesome), well, you’ve come to the right place. I will provide the loving pat on the back or the motivational kick in the ass (and whatever else it takes) to ensure you arrive at wherever it is you truly want to be.

If you take the time to read through this website, you’ll notice something… in the age of the 280-character text, I’m not afraid to expound. I do so with great purpose. I’ve found in life, business, and online dating for that matter, when you truly express yourself, on your terms, you tend to attract people that respond to your style, your sense-of-self. With that in mind, there’s a lot to take in here, but I find each and every word essential–essential for you to truly understand me and how I can help pull the best from you. I am a passionate person, a compassionate coach and a masterful motivator. Coaching is a significant and worthwhile investment, it will change your life; by the time you get done reading this website, I want you to know me well enough to say, “this is the guy that can help me manage my time better, increase my income, land a better job, get myself into shape, tackle online dating, battle through procrastination, manage my staff with greater efficacy, make me better at sales and self-promotion, better at taking time for myself and family, better at life itself.” Whatever you’re looking to achieve, I want you to say “Frank is the coach for me.”