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Interviewing Skills

From decades of experience as both a counselor for the City of New York and as a professional life coach and copywriter, I’ve cultivated masterful interviewing skills and techniques, peeling away the layers that can define a company’s brand or a person’s true-life purpose. Without some outside perspective, it can be difficult or next to impossible to conduct the true due diligence necessary to unearth and reveal our own triggers, strengths, blocks and unique skill sets. I will help you realize just how close you are to mastering the change you desire, and more often than not, you’re much closer than you realize…a few habit changes here, a couple belief modifications there, some simple routines and systems to make it all work and you’ll be miles from where you currently are and arriving at where you want to be. Massive change happens with a few course corrections that over time, when formed into habits and systems, with self-compassion and patience, result in powerful personal transformation. I know how to ask the right questions, leading to answers that only you can provide which in turn lead to lasting change.