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Resume Preparation & LinkedIn Profiles ​

If you don’t look good online, you won’t get the opportunity to look good in person. Investing in an appropriately aggressive resume and LinkedIn profile will not only determine how many interviews you land, but whether an employer sees you at the top or bottom of their salary range for a given position. An effective resume also poses better interview questions that in turn help “self-guide” you through the hiring process.

An updated resume and LinkedIn profile aren’t just crucial for those looking to jump ship to elevate their career prospects, they’re imperative tools in helping you ascend within the company you’re currently working for. If you want maximum salary and compensation for your skill sets, and more opportunity for career advancement, you must have an updated resume that says “if you don’t promote me, someone else will” at all times.

As Manhattan’s leading executive resume guru and career coach for over 15 years, I understand the nuances involved in an effective resume. For instance, are you interested in ascending within your current company or determined to cut ties and move on. When crafting your resume, just as when branding your company, you must know your audience. The way we craft your resume for a public LinkedIn account will be similar to how we market your skills internally to your current employer, but if you’re selling yourself to a competitor, we will be taking a more aggressive approach.

The exhaustive interview I conduct to create your new resume will prepare you for the more important interviews to come. What most job candidates don’t realize is that it’s simply impossible to be objective about what you bring to the table as an employee. An effective resume denotes the difference your presence brings to a company, defining the “before me” and “because of me” that will separate you from the other hundred or thousand candidates applying for the same position. Of course, unless you’re a sole proprietor, it’s not all about you, which is why we’ll make sure to paint the picture of how you team-up, how you take direction or manage staff, and drive success on any given project through your unique skill set. I dig deep in our interview process and sell the qualities that will help you ascend to the next level – or transition to an entirely new career.

In addition to providing you with a clean, powerfully designed document, I comb through your employment history, keeping salient material while editing anything that dilutes your appeal or makes it seem as if you’re hearkening back to the “good-ole” days of yore. Make no mistake, a resume is a “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” document, and I’m a master at turning your experience to your best advantage, even if your current job happens to be your least favorite.

Whether you’re looking to ascend the ladder in your current occupation, jump ship to a similar field or embark on something totally new and unrelated, I have the expertise to create the resume, LinkedIn profile or web content to pave your way. No matter what your particular challenge is, whether it’s unrelated employment, some large gaps, fear of sexism, ageism or racism or something else entirely, I work with you to overcome your fears through the resume itself and the coaching included with every document. There is simply no one more qualified to maximize your employment opportunities. Nobody’s better. Not even close. 

Marketing Writing & Branding

Whether you’re starting a new business or hustling a product on the side, I have tremendous experience in brand development and marketing copywriting. I help clients craft a business name, develop logos, write compelling e-blasts, compose taglines, produce brochures and create clean, user-friendly websites that drive traffic. If you’ve already produced your content, I can also conduct a forensic analysis of your current copy and highlight potential weaknesses and missed opportunities.

Sales Scripts & Promotional Web Content

gotham life coach sales writing and promotional web content

Sales and promotional writing can’t really be taught, you pretty much have a knack for the craft or you don’t. Without patting my back raw, I’ve got it. I help individuals and businesses create more persuasive calls to action through stronger web content, marketing materials, in-person sales presentations and phone scripts (both inbound and outbound call scripts). I have yet to come across materials I could not improve upon drastically. 


I work with Fortune 100 executives, board members, hip-hop artists, authors, pastors, rabbis… and the rest of us normal Janes and Joes, literally anyone and everyone, conducting in-depth interviews to get at the salient points that make your story worth telling. I then take that information and craft it into devastatingly effective copy that sells not just your path taken, or your achievements along the way, but the very essence of what makes you “you,” not some other schmuck.

Dating Profiles

There are few things more daunting than creating our online dating profiles. I make sure to retain the essence of who you are and the message you want to deliver, but I do so with a keen sense of who it is you’re actually seeking to attract. It’s difficult to keep in mind that our online dating profiles are just another sales tool, our brand if you will. If we keep presenting the things we don’t want, we’re often just pushing away the people we actually do want. I help my clients retain their objectivity, and see their profiles and responses from an outside perspective, while at the same time finding creative ways to reveal who they are and what they’re after. Most importantly I work with them to really focus in on what another profile reveals about a potential mate. In the world of online dating, people reveal their true nature without you ever needing to ask, if you just pay attention to what they’ve said (or didn’t say) in their profile and their initial message to you.