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Professional Writing Services

New York City’s Premier Copywriter. Nobody’s Better – Not Even Close.

When it comes to the written word, you will not find a more talented copywriter working in the English language. My ability to sell you or your service online or in print is unmatched. Period.

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Resume Preparation & LinkedIn Profiles ​​

When it comes to creating the resume that best represents your unique brand–the document that literally separates you from the thousands of people to your left and those few other ideal candidates to your right, well, I’d be bullshitting if I didn’t just tell it like it is: nobody’s better; not even close. If you don’t look good online, you won’t get the opportunity to look good in person. Investing in an appropriately ...

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Marketing Writing & Branding​

Whether you’re starting a new business or hustling a product on the side, I have tremendous experience in brand development and marketing copywriting. I help clients craft a business name, develop logos, write compelling e-blasts, compose taglines, produce brochures and create clean, user-friendly websites that drive traffic. If you’ve already produced your content, I can also conduct a forensic analysis of your current copy and highlight potential weaknesses and missed opportunities.

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Sales Scripts & Promotional Web Content​

Sales and promotional writing can’t really be taught, you pretty much have a knack for the craft or you don’t. Without patting my back raw, I’ve got it. I help individuals and businesses create more persuasive calls to action through stronger web content, marketing materials, in-person sales presentations and phone scripts (both inbound and outbound call scripts). I have yet to come across materials I ...

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I work with Fortune 100 executives, board members, hip-hop artists, authors, pastors, rabbis… and the rest of us normal Janes and Joes, literally anyone and everyone, conducting in-depth interviews to get at the salient points that make your story worth telling. I then take that information and craft it into devastatingly effective copy that sells not just your path taken, or your achievements along the way, but the very essence of what makes you “you,” not some other schmuck.

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Dating Profile

There are few things more daunting than creating our online dating profiles. I make sure to retain the essence of who you are and the message you want to deliver, but I do so with a keen sense of who it is you’re actually seeking to attract. It’s difficult to keep in mind that our online dating profiles are just another sales tool, our brand if you will. If we keep presenting the things we don’t want, we’re often just pushing away the people we actually do want. I help my clients retain their objectivity, and see their ...

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Additional Writing & Editing Services

I write speeches, eulogies, sermons, commercials, texts, jacket copy, personal letters, lyrics, raps, rants, articles, essays, columns, verse, poems, pamphlets, books…and on and on. No matter what the occasion or challenge, if you need it written, I write it. I also offer professional criticism and editorial services to authors (non-fiction or fiction) and grad school applicants depending upon my schedule and project duration. Give me a call.