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    Gotham Life Coach - Cognitive Flexibility Coaching

    When it comes to our health, general fitness and body image, it’s incredibly easy to get sucked into well-meaning, scientifically proven, yet utterly ineffective weight loss and fitness regimens promising washboard abs, Kardashian buns and Hemsworth biceps.  There’s the latest fad diet, that sick new workout, the New Year’s fast, the wedding and reunion purge, the hot yoga sweat-off, the Keto this, the Paleo that, and on and on. There’s a bazillion hard-bodied Instagrammers and YouTube stars hustling the latest new 5-minute buns, guns and fun workout, not to be confused with the same star’s 45-minute butt, biceps and back routine. Lord, please deliver me!

    On the whole, there’s a tremendous amount of quality information out there, not to be confused with all the total, utter shit (and downright dangerous) advice mixed in. Do we really need a calorie counter app to tell us: fettuccini bad, salmon good. Will another article on the health benefits of green tea over Diet Coke really stop us from guzzling the latter.

    In my wellness coaching, I work on my client’s body image, their relationship with food, the way they talk to themselves, how they cope with stress and how they relieve it: in the real world, amidst their real life including a hectic family and work schedule. We explore all the cutting-edge science surrounding a healthy diet and proper fitness routines, but the concentration is always on little, practical, incremental changes that will result in the formation of life-changing habits that enable lasting results in the real world – where heavy work travel affects diet and exercise routines, where pizza luncheons and office candy bowls predominate, where there’s a coworker birthday with ice cream cake every damn week.

    Our bodies don’t add unhealthy weight overnight and the self-harming coping mechanisms that we’ve developed over the years in response to increasingly complex life stressers took time to develop into the hardened patterns and routines that fail to serve our best interests. The tiny little changes that ignited our less desirable habits are the same little changes we will leverage to undo them, one mindful step at a time.

    I use a balanced approach, combining bleeding-edge behavioral modification strategies culled from established journals with scientifically proven, peer-reviewed mindfulness exercises founded in thousand-year-old Eastern traditions. You won’t be gazing into a crystal ball, or placing 45 aromatherapy candles around your bathtub – although a couple couldn’t hurt – you’ll be given little routines that you can fit into the smallest cracks in your busy day. By giving you little doable exercises we will slowly chip away at those seemingly small things you do in a day that over time lead to larger, long-term changes in weight, health and overall life satisfaction.


    One of the hardest truths to come to is that self-acceptance leads to change. Yes, the science has spoken and that self-pat on the back will go a lot further than that self-kick in the ass. You can leave the metaphorical ass-kicking to me. If self-loathing and toxic self-criticism led to formidable butts and cut pecs, well hell, we’d all have Kardashian asses and Hemsworth boobs. But we don’t. And we won’t. Because we’re not Kim, Chris, Chloe or Liam or the rest of that hard-bodied brood. We’re you and me. And we can have our own incredible Instagram ass or guns, if that’s our primary goal, or we can get into the best shape of our lives so that we can spend more time with our loved ones, our kids and grandkids, our selves. We can become healthy enough to travel more and go on hiking, cycling or kayaking adventures.


    I work closely with my health and wellness clients, developing targeted, agile plans taking your personal and professional lives into account. I create personalized guided meditations of varying lengths that speak to and motivate you on a conscious and subconscious level, improving your relationship with food, eating, and exercise while also providing stress management, mindfulness techniques and self-reflection. We will work as a team to rewrite your self-dialogue into a helpful conversation that serves your ultimate narrative rather than punishing you for caloric misdeeds or gym routine lapses time and time again. Together we will discover your root causes of stress eating and dietary relapse and patiently design responsive behavioral and habit formation strategies to address them. The guided meditations will serve to underscore the coaching session discoveries we will make together and keep you on track – not just throughout the coaching process, but for the rest of your life.

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    The Half-Day Deep Discovery

    gotham life coach private coaching
    The Half-Day Deep Discovery is a three-hour intensive coaching session (and 1-hour follow-up call) designed to drill deep into one particular area or problem in need of critical attention. We will dig deep into the obstacles holding you back from a more fulfilling professional or personal life, and introduce tools specifically tailored to modify the way you think about your challenges and the way you speak to yourself. We will introduce little sticky habits that will lead to the more important life changing habits that produce real change over time. You will leave with a radically altered view of your capabilities, a set of tools that will disable the blocks that keep materializing and an effective method of dragging negative brain-speak into mental garbage bin on your cerebral desktop where it belongs.  
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    Curiosity and Compassion

    Gotham Life Coach New York City NYC Life Coach - Kindness and Empathy Coaching

    Without intense curiosity, it becomes impossible to methodically investigate all the tangled roots of our fear and procrastination, our self-destructive habits and behaviors–and without massive compassion all our hard-earned discoveries will just lead to more guilt, self-recrimination and defeatism rather than motivate the lasting change necessary to reach our life goals. Working closely with you to unearth trigger points and self-imposed blocks, I craft customized exercises and disciplines tailored to overcome individual obstacles and stimulate confidence and routines leading to lasting positive change. Most importantly, I do so from a place of massive curiosity and heartfelt empathy and compassion (see “ginormous flub-dub” above). What do I mean by all that, well, I know what it is to struggle and I invest all my personal and professional resources, throwing whatever I’ve got into helping you successfully navigate your life challenges.