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    The 90-Minute Radical Action

    Gotham Life Coach -New York City NYC Life and Career Coach Free Consultation

    The 90-Minute Radical Action is the perfect way to light a coaching fire under your ass and hit the ground running. It works equally effective in addressing a problem area or ramping up courage to take on a new challenge or opportunity. I usually reserve The Radical Action coaching plan for returning clients intent on a little brush-up to get the embers sparking and flames sizzling again, but it can serve a number of purposes.

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    Curiosity and Compassion

    Gotham Life Coach New York City NYC Life Coach - Kindness and Empathy Coaching

    Without intense curiosity, it becomes impossible to methodically investigate all the tangled roots of our fear and procrastination, our self-destructive habits and behaviors–and without massive compassion all our hard-earned discoveries will just lead to more guilt, self-recrimination and defeatism rather than motivate the lasting change necessary to reach our life goals. Working closely with you to unearth trigger points and self-imposed blocks, I craft customized exercises and disciplines tailored to overcome individual obstacles and stimulate confidence and routines leading to lasting positive change. Most importantly, I do so from a place of massive curiosity and heartfelt empathy and compassion (see “ginormous flub-dub” above). What do I mean by all that, well, I know what it is to struggle and I invest all my personal and professional resources, throwing whatever I’ve got into helping you successfully navigate your life challenges.

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    Written and Verbal Communication Skills

    Gotham Life Coach - New York City NYC Team and Relationship Coach

    In addition to bringing my passionate zeal to every challenge, I’m also a consummate communicator with a proven track record as both a professional speaker and world-class copywriter (on par with the top scribes from big-five ad agencies). Drawing upon over 15 years’ experience in creating persuasive sales and marketing materials, I conduct exhaustive client interviews, gradually peeling away natural defenses, shyness and insecurities until I come to an astute understanding of your individual core competencies, unique talents and branding strengths before expertly reviewing and recrafting your resumes, bios, LinkedIn profiles, sales scripts, web content, dating profiles, mission statements, marketing materials…all the tools necessary to give you a decisive edge in the competitive marketplace of business and life itself. Put succinctly, I will not only help coach you to high performance in your personal and professional life, but I’ll ensure all the written tools that represent you and your business support the better, more productive-self I’ll help you become.