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    Managing Anger & Underemployment Guided Meditation

    A 31-Minute Guided Meditation

    This long-form guided meditation is a personal development tool perfected over a three-month coaching period and serves to review and remedy several major issues and goals identified via the coaching process. In this sample meditation, our imaginary client needs to work through some self-defeating anger issues and counteract an old habit of underemployment.

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    Career Move

    A 17-Minute Guided Meditation

    In this mid-length guided meditation sample, the client is preparing for a career move. This particular meditation would supplement strategic performance coaching focusing in on specific life elements in need of immediate attention.  The meditation is geared toward the initial actions required to begin such a significant life transition: developing the precise mindset necessary to successfully switch jobs or even careers. Additional meditations would take a deeper dive into particular strategies involved in searching for work or interviewing effectively.

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    Fighting Through a Plateau

    A 22-Minute Guided Meditation

    In this performance coaching meditation sample, the client needs help overcoming a plateau, or period of personal or professional stagnation. The long-form guided meditation walks the client through the possible reasons behind this stagnant period and the actions necessary to break through the plateau. Additional recordings would be tailored to deep-dive into any additional blocks or pain-points that may prevent or stifle effective change.

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    Guided Meditation Techniques

    The Power of Guided Meditation

    Every coaching client receives a customized guided meditation recording that directly addresses the immediate issues (or crises) affecting their day-to-day life as well as positive reinforcement of habits and behaviors that support their long-term goals that we identify together through the coaching process. These guided meditations or visualizations are similar to “normal” meditations in that you may close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing to put your body into a receptive state, but unlike meditations, the visualizations are loaded with specific remedial thought patterns and behavioral cues that work on our subconscious to affect positive action and change.

    Leveraging over 20 years of professional copywriting expertise, I take the most critical information related to desirable new habits, positive steps forward, self-compassionate ways of thinking and problem areas or pain points that must be addressed – weaving them all together in an engaging guided mediation narrative that provides subconscious and conscious cues promoting immediate and continued action in the direction you want to take, the personal narrative you want your life to tell. These visualizations become cornerstones that not only serve to remind you of the actions most critical to your continued success, but motivational tools that will allow you to self-coach your way through challenges long after our sessions have ended. The client-specific, customized guided meditations are just one of the many tools that separate me from any other life coach out there… I give you the tools that will help you turn 3 months of coaching into a lifetime of positive change.

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    Stop Procrastinating

    A 15-Minute Development Coaching Meditation

    Gotham Life Coach - New York City NYC Life Coach Couple and Love Coaching

    Managing Anger & Underemployment

    A 31-Minute Development Coaching Meditation

    Gotham Life Coaching New York City NYC Life Coach -- Problem Solving Skills Coaching

    Fighting Through a Plateau

    A 22-Minute Performance Coaching Meditation

    Gotham Life Coach - New York City NYC Life Coach - Leadership Coaching

    Career Move

    A 17-Minute Performance Coaching Meditation

    Gotham Life Coach New York City NYC Life Coach - Goal Setting and Self - Motivation Coaching

    Take Action

    A 9-Minute Development/Performance Coaching Meditation